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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Nov 24, 2021

Aaliyah Love went through a life changing experience and never thought she’d talk about it in public…until today. She shares how her confrontation with death changed her perspective on life forever. Don’t worry—we get to dicks! Aaliyah talks about her ideal penis size, how to please her in bed, and why some directors don’t want her back on set. She shares the most disgusting moment she’s had while filming, and Holly debunks a ridiculous rumor about “fake” ass claps in porn.

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Show Notes:

6:00 - Aaliyah’s story
16:00 - Doctor’s diagnosis
23:35 - Gaining perspective on life
25:45 - Thoughts on God & spirituality
29:20 - Holly’s mom’s near-death experience
33:14 - Aaliyah’s perfect penis
37:53 - What’s attractive to Aaliyah & Holly  
41:00 - Best way to please Aaliyah
46:57 - Porn vs. real life sex
48:58 - Scene prep
51:46 - Funniest porn rumor
54:10 - How to approach porn stars in public
59:50 - Aaliyah on her acting chops
63:55 - Porn parodies
65:40 - Puking on set