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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Nov 1, 2017

Mark Speigler is one of the most respected and sought-after agents in the adult industry. In a world where agents are often interchangeable and fighting with their talent, Speigler takes on only a limited amount of girls and has a long waiting list of girls dying to be on his roster. His pool of talent is so successful they are known as “Speigler girls” and producers all over the industry know to expect the best when you hire one of his models. More like a father figure and best friend than an agent, Speigler’s girls love him like family and producers respect his no-bullshit attitude and honest approach. Gina Valentina is one of Mark’s “Speigler girls” and she joins her agent to tell us why the girls love working with him so much. This is a real insider’s view of the adult industry, from a side that most people don’t hear from. Get to know the enigma that is Mark Speigler and his world of managing the most successful porn stars in the industry.