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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Aug 17, 2018

This special bonus episode brings back two of Holly’s previous guests: Kayden Kross and Abigail Mac. Kayden just finished writing and directing her first big feature for Tushy, featuring Abigail’s big anal showcase. The movie, titled “Abigail” is a cinematic masterpiece which marks a pivotal moment in adult cinema, blurring the lines between mainstream and porn movies. In this truly massive undertaking, Abigail plays a “relationship fixer” who breaks up high-profile couples for money. Kayden’s brilliant writing and directing, along with a truly impressive acting performance by Abigail and the other characters in the movie, have resulted in a film which has already created a lot of buzz and is anticipated to win multiple awards come the big AVN and Xbiz shows. In this interview, Kayden about her inspiration behind the movie, Abigail’s devotion to a truly mentally and physically taxing 5-scene extravaganza, and all of the behind the scenes tears and triumphs that made this project so special to the both of them. If you haven’t heard of this movie, do yourself a favor and visit to see the trailer and the full scenes, to see what an incredible product these two inspiring women have created!
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