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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Jan 10, 2018

Josh Lazie is a musician, conflict photographer, and recovering alcoholic. He has over a decade of sobriety and owns a men’s rehab in Santa Monica. Josh played in the band Danzig and photographed the war in Syria, as well as many other middle eastern countries. In this episode he and Holly talk about addiction, and living life sober today. In the most revealing podcast Holly has ever done, she reveals secrets about her struggles with alcoholism that she’s never discussed publicly. This is a very personal interview that gives you a rare glimpse into Holly’s vulnerable side, with the hopes that her and Josh’s story will help others who also struggle with addiction and mental health issues. This is a very different podcast from previous episodes, but it touches on a topic which is still very stigmatized, but so important to discuss. We hope you find this inspiring and intriguing!