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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Dec 22, 2021

Victoria Zdrok is industry royalty — she’s the only woman to be a Playboy Playmate AND Penthouse Pet of the Year, on top of earning multiple degrees including a PhD in Psychology! Brace yourself for her wild ride story of a life story where she secured a Green Card and a husband before a shocking lie ripped apart their marriage. She shares the best dating and sex advice from her years of work and research, and teaches Holly a trick for turning confrontations into a conversation. Plus — Victoria takes us back to 2016, when she was thrust into the spotlight after audio was released of Donald Trump denying he dated her in the 90s. She shares HER side of the story and clears the air once and for all about if she ever really was “Donald Trump’s girlfriend”.

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2:20 Introducing Victoria 

4:10 Victoria’s life story 

11:30 shooting for magazines

19:44 Victoria’s education & degrees

21:50 Victoria’s books 

22:32 dating advice for men 

24:50 sex advice 

27:55 what men need to understand about women 

30:37 how dating and relationships have changed 

33:40 Victoria’s writing on fantasies 

35:59 Victoria’s Donald Trump saga 

44:17 Victoria’s children’s modeling careers 

47:09 how her daughters handle her career  

48:38 advice to other mother’s in the industry 

50:45 adult industry stigma 

53:38 starting an OnlyFans 

57:18 Victoria’s socials