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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Aug 12, 2020

Keiran Lee is a Brazzers contract star and director, and the only pornstar who has had his penis insured for a million dollars. In this episode, he and Holly discuss his long history in adult, what it's like to raise a family as a recognizable adult star, his crazy insurance policy, and why anal sex is better with an uncircumcised penis. 

04:11    Why is it so wonderful to have anal sex with him?
05:31    Is it easier or harder to work at this stage of his career?
07:57    Can you tell if a girl you are working with is going to stay i n the industry?
10:56    His hair journey.
16:46    How he got started in adult.
22:00    How he got started with Brazzers.
30:04    His penis is insured for a million dollars.
31:41    He did the Jerry Springer show.
33:04    Patreon question:  What is his penis insurance premium and what is being insured?
36:00    Crazy on-set experiences.
43:46    How has fatherhood changed his perspective?
45:43    How will he handle telling his kids about his profession?
56:18    What would he change about the adult industry if he could?
59:59    His thoughts on "inter-racial".
01:03:56    Has he ever felt uncomfortable on-set?
01:11:32    Working with Holly and how considerate he is to his co-performers.
01:14:22    Patreon question about changing rules in soccer.
01:15:02    Patreon question about Derby Counties.

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