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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Aug 5, 2020

Carter Cruise has never been someone who is afraid to raise her voice, and that hasn't changed even though she is no longer actively working in the adult industry. She still aligns herself with-- and indeed often comes to the defense of-- sex workers, and articulates her opinions in an intelligent and reasoned way. We sat down with the pornstar-turned-DJ to talk about OnlyFans, sex work stigma, and her thoughts on the recent Mia Khalifa controversy.

Show Notes:

04:23 How seriously is she taking quarantine?
21:35 Is she still doing sex work?  Her thoughts on OnlyFans.
24:45 Porn persona vs real personality.
27:15 Girls who leave industry and then turn against it.
29:26 She never even saw porn until right before she started working in adult.
33:26 The structure of porn features.
44:32 Her thoughts about people who complain about the industry after they leave it.
57:49 The specifics of the Mia Khalifa Twitter controversy.
01:06:49 Problems with sex work are really about the stigma of sex.
01:16:20 Often the worst effects of being in porn show up in personal relationships.
01:19:44 Her music career.  

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