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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Jul 29, 2020

Savannah Solo started off this year as a "normal girl" from a simple middle class family with a college education. After trying for months to get a regular 9-5 job, she decided to try her hand at the popular platform OnlyFans. Her wittiness, fun personality, and hilarious twitter videos that went viral made her one of their top earners in only a few short months. In this episode Savannah tells us how she ended up being a sex worker sensation so quickly, and how she manages her newfound fame. 

Show notes: 

05:19 Who is JimJim?
06:44  What is on your OnlyFans?
09:56  Does everyone just expect comedy from you?
11:55 The entitled OnlyFans member.
17:51 How she dealt with a really bad content leak.
22:22 How she got into working on OnlyFans.
25:49 Why most people have a hard time getting started on OnlyFans & being realistic about making money.
30:35 When and how things took off for her.
32:33 The video she made that stirred up controversy.
38:52 Uniqueness is what she's selling.
41:55 Is it ever exhausting?
46:52 Commercial break.
49:29 Dick ratings, does size matter?
59:05  She just bought a sex machine.
01:01:22 Strange custom video requests.
01:10:42 How her family feels about her work.
01:21:13 Has it been weird or difficult getting so famous so fast?
01:24:06 Plans for the future.

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