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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Apr 15, 2020

You may remember Blair Williams bursting onto the scene with the online reality series the Sex Factor, where 8 non-industry men and  8 women competed to live their dreams of becoming a pornstar. Now established as a well known performer, Blair is a lively, boisterous, and beautiful girl who is as much fun to shoot as she is to interview. Now, Blair has actually been off the scene for a while on a kind of unexplained hiatus, so I was thrilled to see she's come back into the industry just in time for this interview. She talks about her strict religious upbringing, breaking her sexual abstinence in her conservative christian college, and the epiphany that led her to transform her new found sexuality into a thriving and satisfying career. There has been silence from her end for about 2 years so get ready to sit back, relax and gear up for this exclusive look into why she left, why she's back, and exactly what you have to look forward to.