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Holly Randall Unfiltered

Jan 22, 2020

Amy Taylor is a professional companion with many years of experience in her field. Unlike many who hide their identities in fear of stigma and repercussions, Amy bravely comes forward to talk to Holly about what her job is really like, and why a highly educated, intelligent woman with a commercial pilot's license would choose this line of work. She challenges our ideas about feminism and sex work, and she rejects the stereotype that women in her position are disempowered and choose their profession for lack of options. But the world of escorting is not perfect, and Amy willingly discloses some of the downfalls and tells us how she navigates a job that relies on her ability to not only attract the opposite sex, but to provide the kind of companionship that commands the high rate she charges. This is one of our favorite interviews: Amy is fascinating, eloquent, and powerful in her unapologetic stance on what it means to be an independent woman in a highly controversial profession. 

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